THE COMPANY – SPOIn 1932, professional olive growing was born in Pescia, Tuscany.

Our History

The Società Pesciatina di Orticoltura was founded in 1932 with the purpose of producing nursery and flowering plants. In the 50s, as the result of a rapid and constant growth, the nursery surface already reached almost 25 acres, while SPO was at the top of the sector for the importance and evolution of the techniques adopted.

At the beginning, the propagation activity involved different species and the olive tree was among these but not in a dominant position.

Over time, thanks to the work of the Cav. Renato del Ministro, one of the founders of SPO, the olive tree started to be increasingly important. At SPO, innovative techniques for the propagation of this species began to be applied: in collaboration with the University of Florence, in 1959, the propagation technique by cuttings was developed, subsequently becoming an international standard. In the 70s, taking an important step, SPO became monocultural by directing all its resources to the proliferation and propagation of the olive tree, while its plants reached not only the Italian regions, but also many foreign countries.

Supply contracts have been signed over time with countries of every continent, proving the capacity of the company along with the quality of the service provided.

And today, after decades, the Società Pesciatina di Orticoltura presents itself to its customers as an up-to-date and vibrant company, specialized in the propagation of the olive tree, offering the best of the experience gained in 70 years of passionate work on this plant at the top of the sector, on the cutting-edge.

a handful of freshly harvested olives
Olives harvesting in Italy. Peasant with Nets at sunset


Human capital is one of our strong points since the beginning of our activity. A highly professionalized and trustworthy staff collaborates in production at all stages of the supply chain.

All the operators have been working in the company for many years and some of them for decades, supervised by Piero Vezzani, the director of technical services, which is at your disposal for any clarification concerning plant specifications.

The management of the commercial service is entrusted to Ruggero Lazzerini, at your service for any request concerning supplies and deliveries, but which is also able to guide you in your plant choices.

Pietro Barachini is in charge of the general management services with responsibility for quality processes and technical services.Along with the permanent staff, a group of external consultants is able to offer you a highly professional assistance service. Our experts are at your disposal during all the phases of design and construction of the groves and you can request their assistance also at the further stages.


The Società Pesciatina di Orticoltura produces olive trees following two different techniques: the self-rooting of semi-hardwood cuttings and the grafting on seedling. The latter is a traditional technique of the Pescia area where it was introduced in 1875.

With the aim to introduce you to the characteristics of the plants obtained with these two systems, we have prepared a brief description of the production chains.

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